Crossword Puzzle Helper

Pen on crossword puzzle, close up

I love crossword puzzles. And I do them in pen. Not because I’m that confident–it’s just that I like the way pen writes on newsprint much better than pencil.

Sometimes I want to check to see if a word I’m guessing is correct before I enter it. And sometimes, dang it, I just don’t know the answer.

Here’s a nifty website that I’ve been using to give me a hand.

Check it out HERE

Bubble Wrap Game

Fun for the family, classroom or scout meeting!

bubblewrap-gameYou’ll need:

  • Roll of Bubble Wrap
  • Masking Tape
  • A Few Sheets of Paper and Marker (optional)

Directions: Roll out the bubble wrap and lay it on the floor starting at the door. Tape it into place. On each sheet of paper write a different instruction: (walk, hop, stomp, tip toe, etc.) Tape these down next to the bubble wrap ‘road’ at intervals.

To play:

When the kids walk in, they have to follow the instructions (hop, tip toe, etc.).

You can judge them by how many bubbles popped or how loud they are, or by the fewest bubbles popped and how quiet they are.

Either way, everyone wins because it’s awesomely fun!