How to Deal with a Broken Heart (or Rejection)

I recently read the reddit post/comment below, and although it specifically was written to a teenager that was rejected for prom… every step listed below are things that people of all ages can use for rejections, being dumped, fired, etc.. I encourage you to take 3 minutes to give it a read.

Illustrated silhouette of a man sitting with his head in his hand

Question: What’s the best medicine for a broken heart?

Answer: “Living well is the best revenge.” That, my young reddit friend, was MY high school quote in MY yearbook, right under my photograph. The things is, you don’t even have to show anyone you’re living well, that’s the beauty of it. You just do it, all on your own.

Three things will always make you feel better: enough sleep, exercise, and a shower. Okay, maybe four things – eating right needs to be in there too. But that’s all it takes to feel right.

Then you work on your work – which for you means school. Intellectually, this is what you need to feel right.

Spiritually, if you’re into that, you need to practice whatever it is. Go to church, light a candle, slip into meditation, offer up a prayer. Go sit in the forest. Pet your cat. Feed your hamster. Whatever floats your boat and makes you feel you’re connected with more. Feed your soul.

Then you need to get out and do things. Go window shopping at the mall. Get a job. Volunteer at a hospital. Call a friend and have a meal together. Play video games. Stay busy. Get off FB and other social media with whatsherface’s crap all over it. Do new stuff. If you want different results in the future, do different stuff now.

Sometimes, a lot of the time, rejection is not about you, it’s about them and their insecurities and life experiences. If you saw a gold-colored coin on the street, you’d stop to pick it up, right? Most likely not gold, though. What if you saw a penny? Maybe not. But what if you stopped long enough to look at it, you’d see it was a rare coin from centuries ago and very valuable – then you’d definitely pick it up, right? You’re the coin and most high school girls don’t have the knowledge to discern coin value. Just wait til your 10 year reunion.

Most of all, time needs to pass. I promise you, from the bottom of my broken-and-mended-so-many-times heart, things get better after high school. WAY better. Like, unimaginably better. Stick it out, do your time, then be free.