Light the Night Sky in a Bottle


You’ll need:

One large bottle (you can try big mason jar, too);
A set of old fairy lights (the string you have been planning to replace with a new one for several years will do just fine);
Blue acrylic paint;
Black paint – preferably spray paint but acrylic should work fine, too;
Sharpie pen – black;
One small iron candle or plant holder (depending on your jar’s/ bottle’s size) – actually anything you have that can support the project will be perfect.

Click HERE for the instructions

DIY Makeup Organizing Stand


Check out this easy way to make a makeup stand using only two plates and a candle stick. Grab some decorative plates and a candle holder from your local dollar store. Cover the top and bottom of the candlestick with high performance glue and then attach the plates. Let it dry for a day, decorate with glass paint or washi tape if desired. Cute!

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via tumblr