Lucky Ducks

Lucky Ducks is a game for little kids. Easy and inexpensive to set up and always a favorite at festivals.


You need:

  • Rubber duckies, several- all of the same style
  • A clear container or small baby pool
  • Water, with some blue food dye adds a nice touch
  • Permanent marker
  • Prizes, small toys, stickers, candy, etc.

Set up: Determine how many prize categories you’ll have and divide them up. Three is what I use. Mark the bottoms of the ducks with a 1, 2 or 3. Make a cute sign with the price, if you are charging to play. Fill the container or pool half-way up with water and add the ducks.

To play: Kids pay. They select a duck, pull it out and check to see which prize they will get. Easy!

Target Golf Putting Practice

Make a version like this for your favorite golfer or make one for the kids with larger holes for bigger balls. Family fun!


Use a utility knife to cut different sized notches from the edge of a cardboard box. Wrap the box in craft paper and use colorful markers or tapes to line the edges. Mark a point system if your interested in keeping track or putting against someone. (Make sure the smallest hole is worth the most points, but is big enough for a ball to go through!) Use pool noodles or rolled up towels along the sides as ball bumpers.

pic via pinterest