Dress for the Weather Chart


As a kid, I always thought it would be great to have some kind of chart for what to wear for different temperatures. My parents always had the rule of no swimming unless it’s at least 80 degrees. But for other days, do I need a jacket? Can I wear shorts? Do I HAVE to wear a coat? Awwww… Mom!!

Here’s a chart to end the fights. It was created for people with autism. But I think it’s great for anyone that’s just not sure.

Make your own with an outdoor thermometer and clip art



Bubble Wrap Game

Fun for the family, classroom or scout meeting!

bubblewrap-gameYou’ll need:

  • Roll of Bubble Wrap
  • Masking Tape
  • A Few Sheets of Paper and Marker (optional)

Directions: Roll out the bubble wrap and lay it on the floor starting at the door. Tape it into place. On each sheet of paper write a different instruction: (walk, hop, stomp, tip toe, etc.) Tape these down next to the bubble wrap ‘road’ at intervals.

To play:

When the kids walk in, they have to follow the instructions (hop, tip toe, etc.).

You can judge them by how many bubbles popped or how loud they are, or by the fewest bubbles popped and how quiet they are.

Either way, everyone wins because it’s awesomely fun!