Dress for the Weather Chart


As a kid, I always thought it would be great to have some kind of chart for what to wear for different temperatures. My parents always had the rule of no swimming unless it’s at least 80 degrees. But for other days, do I need a jacket? Can I wear shorts? Do I HAVE to wear a coat? Awwww… Mom!!

Here’s a chart to end the fights. It was created for people with autism. But I think it’s great for anyone that’s just not sure.

Make your own with an outdoor thermometer and clip art


Installing Vinyl Flooring Tip

We recently installed vinyl in our kitchen and mudroom. Here’s a tip:20150906_175450

Get a roll of craft paper and lay it out in the space to make a pattern – go tight along the walls, use tape to hold the pieces together. You may need to cut the paper to fit around obstacles.

Carefully roll up your pattern. Take your vinyl, pattern and a broom to a business that has a nice flat driveway. (We called a family member who gave us permission to use their church’s front walkway – it worked great!)

Sweep away any debris and lay out your vinyl and pattern, cut along the pattern with a sharp utility knife. Roll back up and it should give you a nice fit.

We had great luck with this method – have you ever tried this? Let us know in the comments.