Study and Homework Tips

Find a method that works for you. Here’s what we’ve found that works well for a lot of people:

  • A non-busy room
  • Good lightingstudy-tips_WEB
  • Low music, your choice
  • Snacks, like pretzels
  • Study materials; text book, paper, pen or pencil, & highlighter

Let’s say you need to study a chapter for history class.

Before you read the chapter, go thru and write out the vocabulary words (the ones in bold) on a piece of paper.

Go to the glossary and add the definitions. (I like to highlight the vocab words.)

If you will be answering questions from the chapter, pre-read the questions.

Then go ahead and read the chapter.

When you notice where a possible answer to a question might be, mark down the page number with the topic on the back of your vocab sheet.  You can refer to this later.

While the information is still fresh in your mind, answer the questions. *hint* Generally, the questions are in same order that the chapter was presented in. So if you are searching for an answer to #3. Check out where you found #2 and #4 and look between.

Then take a much needed break. Yay!

When test day nears, pull out the vocab sheet and have a friend or family member quiz you on the definitions. First by giving you the definition and you provide the vocab word, then the other way around.

If there are history dates or important people involved, quiz on those too.




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