Barbie Doll Hula Skirt

CUTE! And it’s basically FREE!

recycled-plastic-bag-hula-skirt-for-barbie-003 recycled-plastic-bag-hula-skirt-036

You’ll need a hair band – or any rubber band that will fit around your doll’s hips and a tan grocery bag (or whatever color you’d like)

Click HERE for the instructions

2 thoughts on “Barbie Doll Hula Skirt

  1. I made a wreath like this a few years ago for my mom. Looks great in winter. I used a larger ring, and many many many MANY small plastic ( sandwich ) bags. Cut off the closed end of transparent plastic bags and then you just tie the sandwich bag in the middle on the ring until the ring is full and fluffy.
    Did I mention this was the cheapest wreath ever? 🙂


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